Your Buddy Pack – What You Will Need on Your Travels

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Your Buddy Pack –

What You Will Need on Your Travels

Post by Aris Tsifopanopoulos

April 25th, 2017

Hello everyone, it’s me again, Aris! I have one question for you guys, how many times have you taken a trip where you have traveled somewhere or (in general), to a place you never been before and you felt actually not ready for whatever was going to happen? So today we just going to talk shortly about what a good backpack for traveling/surviving needs to include! Let’s start with the necessary ones!

Lets assume everyones has a 35 litter backpack, the most common size amongst backpacks. Everyone has probably owned at least one, even maybe one that came straight from high school. It’s important that the backpack feels good on your back because practically you will have it on literally all the time.

After that, in the main pocket you will have mostly clothing. You will need a t-shirt and underwear, and socks and a thin blanket in case you need to sit on a rough terrain. In the tools section, a Swiss knife probably will do pretty much everything that needs to be done. After that, if you decide to wander around, a map would be a good choice. Even if you have a GPS or mobile phone with you, it’s always good to have a map around! Since we talked about the mobile phone already… a phone is a must to have with you, even better if it is a smartphone because it can be prove to be really useful. From GPS usage to communication, and even a flashlight if you are not willing to carry an actual one since it would be something more to fit in the bag. To be honest, except the phone I personally always carry a fully charged power bank for charging phones and other devices, that can be pretty helpful in many occasions.

Besides all the others of course, the most important is water and maybe some chocolate, power bars, or fruit. In general, anything you think can replace your energy. They can give you the power you need to wander around for sightseeing or exploring for the more adventurous type of traveler.

I also always have with me my photo camera, a pen, a notebook and my outfit is light (short pants and a t-shirt ) because usually you end up walking around a lot. Also, a good playlist on your mp3 player or phone or whatever you use is the best friend for you.

That’s all pretty much! Good luck and have fun with your travels!

Edited by Megan K. Lethbridge

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  1. Flora July 22, 2017

    I just hope wheoevr writes these keeps writing more!

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