Western Greece, The Sea

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Article by Aris Tsifopanopoulos

April 4th, 2017

Hello everyone, this is my 1st attempt to write something like this, I really wanted to share with you why it’s really important and helpful to travel; to meet new cultures new places and to understand why and how each person on the earth is different, from Europe to Africa and from the Americas to Oceania.

There are a lot of choices you could go with. You could go to visit the sea, the mountains, or even endless fields! Today we‘re going to talk about some of the choices of places you can visit. Today is all about my personal favorite, the sea.

The Sea

Well the first thing that comes to my mind when I talk about sea, beach, rivers, or everything that has to do with water (except waterfalls) can be found in my hometown in western Greece! This area has about 7 – 8 villages, all close to each other, as well as a couple of towns (one bigger than the other), and 3 different beaches around, Dioni , Louros , and Skrofes. Every one of them with a unique thing to offer!

At Dioni there is a lot of action in the extreme sports section, like kite surfing and wind surfing. There are a lot of locals that go kite surfing, almost every sunny and windy day! Nature created that area as though it came straight from a dream. There is place for the kite surfers, wind surfers and also a place big enough for you to enjoy the beach, the sun, and in several occasions, some ouzo and beer! The locals are really friendly and I can assure you that you will leave Greece with much more friends than when you went there. The closest village to Dioni is Katohi, a community of about 4 thousand people, every one of them unique with their own way. The village is built next to the river Ahelwos, the second largest river in all of Greece. You can enjoy the view of the river while you enjoy your coffee at the cafeterias of the village for hours and hours like a true Greek!

At Skrofes beach, the access is a bit tricky and that is because of the second part of the street that is all in dirt road. It’s best for camping if you ask me! Skrofes has a special structure that practically allows you to have two or three groups of people in your private inlet, so someone could say that is a special place just for relaxation and rest. You will find the waters really clean and surely refreshing although maybe cold if you are used to warmer temperatures! Also, for the most necessary needs (snacks or water), every year there is usually a small modified bar-cantina that allows you to buy whatever you need.

The next and the most popular beach of them all is Louros, which is also one of the biggest beaches in Greece. There is busses that will take passengers there from the closest villages during summer time for the amount of 2-3 €. The moment you step there you have a choice to go to a several places. There are about 2-3 tavern like places for food next to the sea and more than 5-6 beach bars to get a drinks, to dance, or to relax! You will also notice some weird houses that are practically standing to 3-5 meters tall with wooden columns. These offer to the owners a great view of the beach and also a spot for relaxation even if the beach is crowded.

Besides all the beautiful sea that sounds through all the area, there are several small towns around that offer more than just places to spend some good quality time. The area around called is Oiniades, which actually measn in ancient Greek “the place where wine is made“, so you have to try the local wines. For sure you will discover they are quite good! As for the night life, of course an the biggest town, Mesologgi, is only about a 20 minute drive from the beach and the smaller towns around (Neohori, Katohi, Aitwliko etc.). There is quite the night life there, as the local businesses shoot for the best! From great places to eat all kinds of traditional dishes and even fast food so good that you will wonder why you don’t have to pay more for that!

So to come to conclusion, the moment you arrive in western Greece and if you want to experience something different, you will definitely have that! Go on then, book your tickets!

Edited by Megan K. Lethbridge

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