Western Greece, The Rest of It

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Article by Aris Tsifopanopoulos

June 6th, 2017

The last time we talked, we talked again about Greece. You might be saying “what’s wrong with the guy?”. Well, I have to admit I love my homeland, and I’m here to make you love it too. In western Greece there are a lot of places that seem to be straight from heaven… In this article we are going to talk about specific areas and mostly the smaller towns in western Greece.

Mesologi: Mesologi is the capital of the western state of Greece called Aitoloakarnania; it’s one of the biggest towns of the state. Mesologi has a population of about 15,000 and has a special place in history during the Revolution of 1821. There is a lot to say about it, but the history of this town cannot be covered in just some lines. Mesologi is definitely considered a bicycle city, as there is probably one bike for every person. The city blossoms every summer with the port being really close to the center of the city and there are many options of places next to the port to enjoy the beautiful views of the sunset. Hundreds of people of every age roam around the city in the local shops, taverns, cafés and bars. Tradition with modernism come together in Mesologi, with nothing to be jealous of the big fancy places you can find in big Metropolises. Additionally, a destination for everyone is the beach “Tourlida”, only about is about 5km away from the town. The sweet breeze, the salty wind, and the fish-taverns make this place ideal location for relaxation with your family.

Neochori: Neochori! This is the youngest of all the other small towns with quite a big population of about four thousand people. Neochori is clearly a town with big farming industry, since there are many really wide areas of fields surrounding it. But of course it’s not just that, in the latest years Neochori has become a very popular destination since the night life of it draws in the youngsters. The sea next to Neochori shines bright in the summertime! The famous festival that takes place there, Agia Paraskeuh (Saint Paraskeuh*), makes Neochori a place full of people. There is a parade of local groups dressed up with traditional clothes, beautiful parading horses, and brave riders! But that’s not all, Neochori is next to the biggest beach of Greece, “Louros”. Just 16km away (about 20 minutes), at Louros you can enjoy beach bars, the sea, and sun that we all love .

*(Greek name, in free translations means Friday)

Katochi: Katochi is built next to the Ahelwos river, one of the biggest rivers in Greece. Katochi, like Neochori, depends a lot on agriculture for the same reasons. With a population of about three and a half thousand people, Katohi is also an historical place with a lot to provide in the right hands. Of course, the fuss is for the great Ancient Theater of Oiniades that is about 6km away. Every year this place welcomes a lot of great plays from all around Greece and sometimes from the sister city of Oiniades, Lawrence, KS of United States. Also in the same area, exactly behind the great Ancient theatre of Oiniades, is the ancient shipyard from the 4th century B.C. Back in the village you can find several options for entertainment. When it comes to bars, cafes, and taverns, my personal favorite Adonis. This is the best place to be either for drinks or for coffee. The hospitality and the positive energy overflows here, there are also many places near the river, so close that you’ll think you’re going to get your feet wet! With a lovely view of the water, the reflections take your mind off all of your worries just by looking at the beautiful sun reflecting the natural mirror of the river. And of course don’t forget that Dioni is about 25 km away from Katochi, a lovely beach that highly recommended for kite surfing and wind surfing.

All of that of course is just a small part of the beauties that you can find in western Greece. Unfortunately there is a luck of places to stay, there are just a few AirBnB places in the small towns in and around Mesologi. However, you can also find places to stay for logical prices and of course there is the alternative of free camping! 

Edited by Megan K. Lethbridge

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