Top 10 Apps for Traveling

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Have you ever wondered how it is possible to look after so much stuff and do so much planning for traveling while at the same time enjoying your trip? Here is a list with some of the best applications for your smartphone/tablet that will help you while traveling, from booking tickets to your destination to even navigating you around the places you are visiting.



The Skyscanner app for your phone will help you to look for flights all over the globe; from Europe to the Americas, Oceania to Asia, and Africa. The app also can give you the choice to pick and find hotels as well as “rent a car” places. Enter in the dates that you want to travel plus your desired destination and the app will show you various choices from economy class tickets to 1st class tickets. This fee-free worldwide search engine for flights is truly useful and convenient for everyone and most importantly, easy to use!


The Airbnb app is a great way to look up for places to stay around the world. The big idea of AirBnB is that anybody can be a host/hostess if they have available space for guests, in exchange for money of course. Anybody can book a room in these unique places via the app or the website for as long as you need. Prices depend on place, but the overall opinion is that AirBnB seems to be much cheaper than an actual hotel room. Staying in an AirBnb makes your experience much more personal, many people prefer to stay in a home owned by an individual they can actually meet rather than a large hotel owned by a corporation. is an app that will also help you find and book hotels, the concept is similar to Skyscanner, but only for hotels and hostels. This app is a truly useful one that can help you to find the cheapest or most luxurious hotel or even themed places to stay. Since the app is still for hotels, the wisest tip is to book the room for your stay well in advance .The prices are different in each place but you can find places even from $25 per night.



TripAdvisor is a website/app that is (as the name says) all about providing advice for your trip. You can get advice there for your flights, the restaurants you want to go to, the activities you want to do, the sights you want to see, and everything in between that might be of interest you to on your trip. TripAdvisor also offers vacation rentals and deals as well as even provides offers for travel packages all around the world. A lot of places such as hotels and restaurants in high tourist areas may even have the TripAdvisor logo, indicating that you can find their business on the app/website and check the feedback and the ratings, and sometimes for restaurants, even the menu!

Unit Converter

This is probably one of most useful apps that you will need while traveling. Countries all over the world use different currencies, so this application will convert everything to your own country’s currency and not only that, but there are a lot of places around the world that use different systems than the metric system, so with this app you can even convert miles to kilometers, feet to meters and more.


Yahoo Weather

You will definitely need a good weather app if you are up for some hiking or exploring around outdoors. In this app you can find the weather, the wind speed and even the five day forecast for any location you want. You can also find the humidity and the “real feel” of the temperature! This is a really useful app that is a must for traveling.


Rome2rio is a great app for planning, it can show you all the available transportation options to get you to the place you want. The only thing for you do is to put your starting location and ending destination, and the app will show you all the ways and options you have for your trip including buses, trains, airplanes… everything you need is right in front of you on your screen.

Google Translator

Well there’s not a lot to say here as it’s obvious that the language barrier is a major problem when you are traveling, but with the Google Translate app not anymore. There are a lot of jokes out there for the translations that the well-known company offers but it is still one of the best translating apps you can find. Google Translator can work even when you are offline, as long as you first download the desired language onto the app so later no data or Wi-Fi will be needed. There are even some devices (android/IOS/Windows) that support the instant translation that allows you to translate written text in real time just by pointing the camera of your smartphone at the text you need translated.


HERE WeGo is the best app for navigating out there. Of course there are a lot of alternatives but HERE WeGo offers an offline guidance system only with your GPS. You may be asking why not Google Maps? I agree with you that Google Maps if one of the best navigating apps but even if you download the offline map for the area you will see, you will still need about 1.5GB memory and more time to download a big file like that compared to 300-500MB that HERE WeGo offers usually for the entire country you will be travelling within. In the end the choice is yours, the maps from both of those two apps are highly reliable and the divergence is really low (about 10-15 meters).

Budapest Nyugati Train Station

Budapest Nyugati Train Station


You like trains? If your answer is yes, this is one of the best apps out there to book your tickets all around. There’s not a lot to say here, but one thing you should know is that it may be better to check the prices at the train stations first. Also, the wisest thing to do is to get roundtrip tickets instead of one-way as this helps you to save some money depending on where you are traveling.

Article by Aris Tsifopanopoulos

Aris Tsifopanopoulos, in the 3rd decade of his life, enjoys traveling and sharing his travel advice with others. He hopes this article on some of the best travel apps out there will prove to be not only useful but also help keep travelers safe.

Edited by Megan K. Lethbridge

November 19, 2016

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