Monthly Recap: March 2017

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Article by Megan K. Lethbridge

April 20th, 2017

March is a special month for me since it is my birthday month! So, March was a full month-long celebration for me all  across Europe, from my (new) hometown of Kecskemét, to my nearby city of Budapest, and to… Ireland! March was a month of time with family and friends, with a little adventure thrown into the mix.

Weekend 10:

Budapest, Hungary

Every time I return to Budapest (nearly every weekend it seems!) I fall more in love with this spectacular city. There is always so much to do and so much to see and I am always full of happiness whenever I get the chance to spend a little time here. This weekend was a great time with friends and of course, just walking around the city and enjoying the sights.

Weekend 11:

Kecskemét, Hungary

I typically like to spend at least one weekend a month at home in Kecskemét. This gives a time to prepare my lessons for the upcoming week, relax and just enjoy some down time. This weekend was a very relaxing one, most of my time was spent inside.

Weekend 12:

Dublin, Ireland

I’ve been able to travel internationally once a month since my arrival in Hungary and thankfully March was no exception. I flew into Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day and got to see the full Temple Bar scene at its best. The next day I traveled across the island to see the Cliffs of Moher (although I didn’t really get to see the cliffs because of the weather) and on Sunday I got to tour the Guinness factory. Although this was just one weekend, I got to do so much in Ireland, yet another example of taking advantages of your weekends and going on a weekend trip!

Weekend 13:

Budapest, Hungary

Just a few days after my birthday, I wanted to celebrate with my friends in Budapest this weekend. We went to one of my favorite restaurants (German-based Vapiano), watched some football at a very cool outdoor bar (Ankert), and finished up the night with drinking and dancing at Ötkert.

Celebrating my birthday this in Budapest with friends was surreal. On my birthday last year, I had just received my first e-mail from the Central European Teaching Program informing me of their acceptance of my application. And this year, I have just signed on for my second year of teaching in Hungary. 23 was quite a year for me, I can’t wait to see what 24 will bring!

Looking forward to April 2017

Weekend 14:

Kecskemét, Hungary

Weekend 15:

Budapest, Hungary

Weekend 16:

Brussels, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Weekend 17:

Kecskemét, Hungary

Weekend 18:

Belgrade, Serbia

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