Monthly Recap: April 2017

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Article by Megan K. Lethbridge

June 1st, 2017

April was quite a long month with several breaks from school, including Easter break and a long weekend for Labor Day. With all theses breaks, I got to do a lot of traveling! See below some of my highlights from April…

Weekend 14:

Kecskemét, Hungary

As mentioned before, I always like to spend at least one weekend at home in Kecskemét. It’s a good time to revitalize and relax, I kicked off April with a nice weekend at home!

Weekend 15:

Budapest, Hungary

One of the greatest parts about living in Hungary and being apart of the Central European Teaching Program is the network of friends I have made here. This weekend Aris and I headed up to our favorite capital city to spend the day celebrating a birthday with our friends on Margaret Island. The spring weather was perfect and amazing memories were made.

After our day on Margaret Island on Saturday, I participated in a the Telekom Vivicittá where I ran my first 10 kilometer race! I still can’t believe that I was able to complete the race, it was a great physical challenge for me!

Weekend 16:

Brussels, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

During our 6 day Easter break from school, we were able to visit 3 countries. This was perhaps one of my most favorite travel experiences so far! We began in Brussels, where we were able to taste amazing Belgium beer and also treat ourselves to some Belgian waffles!

Bruges was just as amazing as everyone said. A popular tourist attraction, you will find many fellow travelers on the train from Brussels to Bruges! This fairytale town has some of the best Belgian chocolate, beer, and food around. The cobblestone streets wind through the picturesque canals… a perfect place to relax and enjoy time slowing down.

The weather in Luxembourg was not on our side, but we did not let this ruin our day trip to this magical city!  The sights are spectacular and there are plenty of shops and restaurants (although rather expensive). This small country is not one to be missed.

Amsterdam was my favorite part of our western European adventures. What I loved the most about this city is that every part was busy. There is the famous red light district and other popular areas of Amsterdam, but from the central train station down to Voldenpark and everything in between, the city is bustling with excitement and fun.

Weekend 17:

Kecskemét, Hungary

After an amazing trip to Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands, it was time for a relaxing weekend at home!

Weekend 18:

Belgrade, Serbia

It’s hard not to take advantage of a long weekend. With May 1st being Labor Day in Hungary (and many other countries throughout Europe), some of us planned a girls trip down to Belgrade, Serbia. While Serbia boarders Hungary, and Belgrade appears relatively close on a map, with boarder control on both sides the journey to and from Belgrade was a bit longer than expected, but well worth it. Belgrade was perhaps one of my most favorite European cities so far. Extremely affordable prices (for EVERYTHING), amazing Balkan food, friendly people, and a lively atmosphere, Belgrade is a great spot for a weekend getaway with friends.

May was a quieter month when it comes to travel, but still with an exciting trip to beautiful Lake Balaton! Also, some very exciting TEFL news happened in May… Look out for the May monthly recap soon!

Weekend 19:

Kecskemét Hungary

Weekend 20:

Lake Balaton, Hungary

Weekend 21:

Budapest, Hungary

Weekend 22:

Budapest, Hungary

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  2. August 1, 2017

    People come from all over the country to participate, and with California s recreational legalization of cannabis in January 2017, this year is going to be the biggest celebration yet.

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