A Day in Andorra

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Like many people, I had never heard of Andorra. This small country, squeezed between Spain and France, has a population of under 80,000 people. I was shocked to find how close this tiny country was to Barcelona (about a 3 hour bus ride), where my text international trip was taking me. I immediately did my research on how to get to Andorra and what I needed to see during my visit (see my blog post on “Getting to Andorra“).

Andorra was stunningly beautiful, the weather was amazing (for the most part of the day), and the afternoon was as perfect as it could have been.

While I was hoping to spend the afternoon skiing at Grandvalira, I did not realize the ski resort was not as easy to get to from the capital (Andorra la Vella) as I had originally thought. I did not waste the day though, and went off to explore the city.

Surrounded by mountains, my eyes were constantly towards the sky throughout the day. The mountains were spectacular and the perfect backdrop for the toursits Andorra la Vella.

There were a lot more people in the city than I had imagined. I suppose since I knew the country itself did not have a lot of people, I thought the capital would not either. I was very wrong! The streets, shops and restaurants were filled with people ready to shop and eat the day away in the capital. Besides spending time outdoors, shopping in Andorra la Vella is the next most popular way to spend your time in Andorra.

I enjoyed walking around the city and peering through the shops but was eager to enjoy what Andorra is really known for, nature. I saw on my offline Google Map (see “Top 10 Apps for Traveling“) that there was a river (La Valira) that went through the capital and I made that way to explore. There I found several cafés by the river, and was drawn into SOHO CHIC. A very eclectic and funky café with boho decor that would bring in any hippie passing by. I had a fabulous waiter and I enjoyed my afternoon sitting outside looking at the river and mountains while enjoying some beers and snacks.

As the sky got darker and the weather became colder, I returned to the city to get some dinner before catching my bus back to Barcelona. Although there are many choices of restaurants, I ended up eating at Mama Maria. The food was good for the price and the atmosphere was very enjoyable as well.

Andorra was one of my most favorite countries to visit. If you find yourself with extra time while visiting Barcelona, or in southern France, I highly recommend spending a day or two in Andorra. You will not regret crossing this small, yet beautiful, country off your list!

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